A Message from Dr. Moore


Welcome to PurTone Hearing Centers

My name is Dr. Greg R. Moore, and I purchased PurTone Hearing Centers with the plan to provide the Phoenix Valley with the finest in hearing healthcare. I’m a practicing audiologist with more than 30 years experience helping patients live fuller richer lives by improving their hearing. I’ve built my practice, on a simple foundation:

  • Ask good questions: The better we understand a person’s hearing challenges, the better solutions we can deliver.
  • Inform patients: We believe its important the patient fully understands their test results and treatment options.
  • Innovative Technology: Hearing aid technology and diagnostic testing has advanced greatly. We offer the best possible solutions for our patients.
  • Follow-up Care: Better hearing is a process. Adjustments and maintenance are important to the ongoing success of every patient.

If you are an existing patient, welcome back! We invite you to reach out to us, schedule a follow up visit. If you have questions about your current devices, call us 623-566-2400. We want to make sure you are getting the full benefit of your hearing devices.

If you are a new patient, schedule an appointment. Let us get to know you and understand your communication challenges. We’ll thoroughly evaluate your hearing and discuss the best options available for you. Better hearing is a journey, myself and all our providers are committed to helping each and every patient hear better so they can fully experience life around them.

Contact us today.

Dr. Greg R. Moore
PurTone Hearing Centers and Moore Audiology