Betty Was the Center of All the Jokes
Dear Friends & Family, Here’s a quick note to let you know how we can help you or anyone you might introduce to us. Over the last 3 years Betty had been the center of all the jokes. Everyone, including family would make fun of Betty, because unknown to others she could not hear or understand the conversations that took place around her. Many times, she would try to follow a conversation, but due to her hearing loss, she would just give up and miss the whole point of the conversation. When she did try to contribute to the conversation, she never really knew what they were talking about, so she looked foolish when she said something totally off the subject. Then one day, she said “enough is enough, I’ve got to get my hearing checked!” So Betty came to our office and we provided her with our free comprehensive hearing evaluation. After sharing with Betty our broad array of hearing device options, Betty chose one of our “virtually invisible” hearing aids that give her the ability to hear, but without anyone even seeing them! She was so excited and has found such a level of confidence when having conversations in both quiet settings as well as loud environments like restaurants or sporting events. Plus, Betty no longer gets laughed at!
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